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Always take these things home
at any job:

copies of performance evaluations
copies of written complaints by you
your pay stubs
copy of discipline policies/handbook

copy of your official job description

Job Rights Do’s and Don’ts:

do complain about  discrimination in writing and keep copies
do give your doctor a copy of your official Job description
do make a note "I do not agree” on
inaccurate write ups

don’t resign without legal advice
don't wait to be fired to get advice

We have experience litigating and remedying many private and public  Companies  / Organizations

  • Ply Gem, Variform, Cornerstone Building Brands
  • WVU Hospitals, University Health Associates
  • Berkeley Medical Center and Jefferson Medical Center
  • Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races
  • Blue Ridge Community College, Shepherd University
  • Berkeley, Jefferson and Hampshire  County Schools
  • Shenandoah Valley Medical System, Healthy Smiles Center
  • U.S. Veterans Administration
  • Digital Management, Inc. (USCG federal contractor)
  • Laurita Excavating, Inc.
  • Stonerise Therapy LLC, Genesis Healthcare Canterbury Ctr

Areas of Practice: Federal, state and administrative, for these areas and illegal acts

  • Workplace Safety Violations      
  • Negotiation of severance financial package (call soon)
  • Job Rights and Wrongful Firing, Civil Rights in Employment      
  • Discrimination that violates WV or federal law based upon disability, age, race, national origin, sexual nature,  religion or gender.
  • Employer's wrongful retaliation for employee filing for or accepting workers compensation
  • Whistleblower and retaliation for reporting fraud or safety issues under federal and West Virginia law
  • Sexual harassment and other hostile work environments
  • Workplace injury claims, including "deliberate exposure" to danger claims
  • Workplace violence claims
  • Employment contract or commission disputes
  • Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) and EEOC claims and appeals
  • Nursing and School Board Investigations
  • Public Employees harmed by an employer's violation of law
  • Employer's wage and hour violations under federal and West Virginia law, including wrong overtime classification and not paying minimum wage issues
  • Pay issues of all kinds, including garnishments and employer's late payment of paychecks (next payday)